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Caring for each other as God cares for us.
5301 McKee Road SanJose, CA 95127 Phone: 408.258.8133 Fax: 408.258.8267 Email: [email protected]
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Foothill Christian Preschool

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Celebrating 10 years Certified Green Church

In 2003, Foothill Presbyterian Church became the first green business in Santa Clara County.

Through the work of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the Earth Care Taskforce, and the friends and members of our congregation, we practice active stewardship of God's Creation.


Sunday Worship Service 10:30 AM

Social Coffee Hour to Follow

We are a congregation of Christians from around the world drawn to San Jose to build a better life for ourselves and for our children. We are drawn together at Foothill by our mutual belief in God and in Jesus Christ as our Savior. We come from different cultures, ethnic and economic backgrounds, and all ages. we are employed in a variety of industries and reflect the diversity of the Santa Clara Valley.

We follow the reformed Presbyterian tradition. Our congregation is built on a foundation of tolerance and freedom. We value our individual diversity and are enriched by it as a group. That means we respect our individual differences and learn from each other. People are free to come to Foothill simply as a place to worship. Membership is not required.

Members can choose to be passive or actively involved. It is their choice, and we value them equally. We are a loose-knit, but loving family. Worship of God and Jesus Christ is very important to us. When one of us is in need, we all pull together to offer spiritual, physical, and financial support. We have the facilities to grow in size and in the scope of the services we provide. Music is a key element of our worship service and we treasure our varied music programs. We promote fellowship through several social groups including our active seniors program. Please join us at Foothill to learn more

What to Expect on Sunday Morning

What time should I arrive?

10:30am for Worship

What should I wear?

You'll find young and old wearing ties, dresses, jeans and flip-flops; so just come as you are!

What about my kids?

A nursery is provided for the little ones, or they are welcome to stay during worship. Children's Sunday School is fun and educational and begins at 10:45 following the weekly children's moment in worship.

What is worship like?

We are a liturgical church (responsive readings from the Psalms, unison prayers of confession, etc.) and we like to sing traditional hymns accompanied by organ. On many Sunday's we'll have some special music provided by members of the community. Sermons are usually around 12 minutes and focus on how God's Word connects with our everyday lives.

Concert Series Schedule



Dial - A - Prayer is a recorded message that offers a scripture reading, devotion, and prayer, followed by information on how to contact the church for prayer chain requests and pastoral support.


At Foothill, you are sure to find activities that you and your family will enjoy.