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Rental Concert, Sanctuary

Julian Toha brought his piano skills and a series of videos to Foothill on Saturday Nov 23.  Clearly a skilled player at the keyboard, the videos were intended to enhance his presentation for the multitasking generation, as well as to reinforce his piano interpretation of various emotions. Several of the videos included additional audio elements,  also intended to reinforce Toha's emotive piano interpretations.  The predominant theme running through show was that artists tend to make too easy or shallow presentations of emotions,and that other facets of these emotions are worth examining too. This theme was stressed in the introduction to the Villa Lobos piece intended to represent Joy, a piece without video accompaniment.  The additional audio elements  were effective in reinforcing the Fear and Hate section but seemed a bit out of sync with Hope.  The Rachmaninov piece representing Love, accompanied by video without additional audio elements seemed appropriate, as did the agitated and dissonant music representing Hate and Fear, but the other sections seemed a bit off the mark and did not evoke in me the emotions they were intended to present.   The coupling of the Rachmaninov piece to a modern dance video was an effective use of video, as was Hate, a piece of disquieting piano music coupled with video of manipulated images of a close up of a human face. The purpose of some of the other video was less apparent to me. However, the sections I found effective used the most traditional musical representations, so perhaps I need to be a little more open to alternative artistic presentations.  Anyhow, some interesting music was presented by a bright young pianist trying some modern things with mixed success.  I have to admit I had expected a more extravagant multimedia presentation and a longer set, but putting aside expectation, the series should be congratulated for bringing in some newer ideas.  Hopefully a stronger turnout will welcome similar adventurous programming.

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