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Caring for each other as God cares for us.
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In 1933 the Community Council of Evangelical Churches asked the Presbyterian church to undertake responsibility for establishing a Sunday School for the Foothills Community. The aim was to establish Sunday School centers in the outlying districts.

One church was asked to serve a community for all of the churches without competition from the others. On March 10, 1938, the first Foothills Community Church session met with leadership of Dr. A. H. Saunders to make plans for the Sunday School. The first meetings were held in the cabin guest house of Mr. & Mrs. George H. Farry on South White Road. The name Hill View Sunday School was chosen and later changed to Foothills Sunday School. With volunteer help to white wash the interior, a donated piano, and with chairs, benches, table and song books from First Church the Sunday School opened on Jun 19, 1938. The Sunday School and week-day clubs for boys and girls flourished under the guidance of J. Nelson Houser, Superintendent.

When the Sunday School became crowded a grant of $2,000 was given from the Presbytery to erect a suitable building at 10 North White Road. The new building was opened on Oct 22, 1939, and had a large assembly room and four small rooms for clubs, classes and a kitchen. It was dedicated on Jun 9, 1940. Rev. Saunders encouraged the community to share in the Christian adventure and to participate in worship at the church.

Dr. Charles Ensign from the Board of Church Extension lead the session in their quest to become a Presbyterian church on July 30, 1944. The charter was completed on Sept. 10, 1944, with 41 names enrolled. From 1944 to 1947 Rev. Gordon Lang was our pastor. The first called pastor was Rev. Frederick J. Moore in 1947. In 1955 Rev. Bob Hampel came to Foothill. During his 14 year ministry the church moved from White Road to McKee Rd with ground breaking on Sept 7, 1958, and dedication of the building on April 3, 1960. The building we now call Fellowship Hall, originally dedicated on March 8, 1951, was built at a cost of $35,000 and was moved to the McKee Road site in April 1960.

Rev. Phil Barrett became pastor of the church in 1968 and was well-known in community service during his 14 years here. In 1983 Rev. Chris Torrey was called as pastor and helped pursue a rebuilding of our Presbyterianism in worship, education, administration, mission and learning together. The Fellowship Hall and sanctuary were renovated and a new multipurpose building was erected.

In Nov. 1997 Rev. Ben Daniel was called to be our pastor. In 1998 The Foothill Christian Pre-school was established. We are blessed with great potential, looking at our past vision and present strength through eyes of commitment and faith to discern where God is leading us in the future.

First Church supplied student assistants to hold worship services: Merrill Follansbee, 40-41; Philip Walborn 41 - 43; John Astels May-Sep 43 - ; and Rev. John Furnas.

(Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, etc.)

"The birth of a new congregation was not the solitary venture of a few pioneer spirits, nor even of a single church denomination. The young church group was sponsored by the entire Presbytery and the Community Council of Evangelical Churches who wished to locate new churches in growing communities."